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Bathroom renovations

Renovating your bathroom isn’t just a way to improve your home & lifestyle. From improving a small bathroom to adding a master bathroom, these updates can increase the value of your home as well.

New bathroom designs

Bathrooms that are well planned will bring you plenty of enjoyment for years to come. And this is what Crystal Centre, one of the leading bathroom designers in Smithfield, NSW.


At Crystal Centre, we take the stress out by managing the entire laundry renovation process from start to finish. Crystal Centre is supported by a team of local suppliers and dedicated contractors including electricians, plumbers and tilers.


As the leading bathroom renovation company in NSW, Crystal Centre are the professional and innovative service you need for your bathroom renovation project. Crystal Centre Renovations NSW offers quality workmanship every step of the way.


Here at Crystal Centre, we believe that the balcony should be as beautiful, if not more, than the view you can behold from it. From restructuring to redesign, there is no desired change to your balcony that Crystal Centre can’t do.


We can provide a complete service for all aspects of waterproofing protection to new and existing buildings through the application of membranes, liquids and sealants. A full Leak Detection Report can be supplied, outlining the troubled areas.